Jerry Garcia Excelsior

Northstar to partner with the Jerry Garcia Family.


Northstar Ceramics is a group of true artisans in a time where profits and production are celebrated over quality and craftsmanship.  Simply speaking they create art where imagination is the color palette and ceramic dinnerware is the canvas. They turn everyday plates and platters into conversation pieces and brand barkers.  The founder of Northstar Ceramics is Joe Bronco, and he doesn’t care if perfection eats into profits – perfection is what he demands of himself and the team. The customer comes first without exception.
“We are known for pulling off what other companies wouldn’t dream of trying, doing it in record time, and never sacrificing quality,” says Joe Bronco. “Our customers have complete confidence in us. We work tirelessly to truly be part of their team.”
The process of creating their products has been refined by constant training, research into chemistry and technologies; work that most would avoid. Northstar really excels when they are paired with clients with the same standard of vision and excellence. “When our customers are excited about their vision, we feed off that excitement. It fuels us and our desire to impress our customers with our work”.  That is why Northstar Ceramics is in such high demand among their customers and constituents. For those in the business they know who to call with their important projects.
As proof of their accolades, Northstar has been selected to partner with the Jerry Garcia Family. Through this collaboration and approval of their quality of work, Northstar has been issued a global merchandising license to produce porcelain dinnerware adorned with the art of Jerry Garcia. They are excited to reveal a series of place settings featuring some of Jerry’s finest works.

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